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If you want More Customers, then you have to clean your cabs

6 Apr 2019

A recent survey in London on a London chauffeur company indicated that clean Taxi Cabs Fleets have higher tip rates and repeat clients. How do you wash a taxicab? You do them four at a time, and you go up and up and over and over when you’re drying them. But you do the rest of the vehicle the way you do a regular car. The only distinction is you are going to spray three, four, five, sometimes six cars at one time. Then another crewmember is going to follow behind you and do all of the windows very well. In all seriousness, you do not want to maintain that taxicab for more than a minute or a minute and a half. These days most taxi looks like they are from the past century. This is something you are likely to have to manage. This is just the way they will listen which is right for you because they’re not expecting a perfect job. Independent contractors own some taxicabs. You’ll have to charge more since the volume isn’t there.

Hiring a Luxury Car Chauffeur

Chauffeur Hire in London nowadays are mostly small, tiny cars which get excellent gas mileage. You can wash off a Dodge Neon in your sleep in about three minutes. Simple to wash, really, really simple and that’s vital. You want some simple accounts. Three bucks are reasonable for exteriors, five dollars for out and it is beautiful. It is essential to have efficacy when washing rent-a-cars. No longer than two minutes for vacuuming. You merely want to clean out the dirty windows. You don’t need to wash each the windows onto a rent-a-car, where you visit fingerprints. You want to wipe off the dash fast, wipe around the center console and utilize cleaner on the sticky stuff. Hit the inside windows which are dirty, clean the outside. You wish to do them, six at a time and you want to dry them off quickly, ensure that the windows are clean and go into the next car.

Luxury Chauffeur Services London is excellent money. You want to charge an extra two dollars for taking out rug stains. Utilize some Folex cleaner or advanced carpet stain remover, some tiny carpet brush and a towel to wipe up whatever you precipitate on top of the carpet once you have got it moist. There will always be trash in rent-a-cars, a great deal of waste. You ought to have a bucket prepared that you just put crap in and transfer it from car to car. Dump it before you leave. Usually, rent-a-cars will have a Dempsey Dumpster round the back where you can dump all of your trash.

Airport Chauffeur Services


London Chauffeur Companies are very cautious and exacting regarding what times of day that they want their cars washed. We have Luxury car chauffeur London. ¬†We may have a whole bunch of vehicles on Monday mornings and would like you to do cars on Monday mornings. You are going to have to do the cars at that moment. They are probably going to need them done before eight o’clock in the morning. So if you’re doing the cars before eight o’clock in the morning and you will find twenty or thirty rent-a-cars, it’s relatively severe for you to get them all done in time. The rent-a-car company is paying you, so they don’t have to push them to the car wash. It’s quite essential that you get them completed on time. It’s straightforward to get them all completed if you work efficiently. You’re doing them six at one time. In case you’ve got twenty automobiles to perform, you need to get them done by eight to nine o’clock, and you are doing them six at a time, you ought to possess twenty automobiles done in one hour if you are flying through them and you’ve got the right crew.

Luxury Car Chauffeur London

So listen to this. You can afford to perform the cars for five bucks each because the occupation comes out to about one hundred dollars an hour. Think about this for a moment. Consider the efficiency and time and how quickly can you do them. This attitude is what’s going to enable you to pick up the rent-a-car company balances. If you can do them very, very quickly and you can do them not absolutely but significant enough to make them happy, there is a lot of cash in rent-a-car washing.

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