Will my chauffeur look smart and wear a suit?

Yes. All of our chauffeurs will be in a black suit, white shirt, bespoke company tie, chauffeur peaked hat and black driving gloves.

Will my chauffeur take our luggage?

Yes, again this is a fundamental part of chauffeuring. The client will always carry luggage unless the client has explicitly advised that he does not want the chauffeur to.

Will my chauffeur open the doors for passengers?

Yes, this is a fundamental part of chauffeuring- looking after the client. This is the most professional way in chauffeuring also it makes it a lot safer for the passengers as depending on the vehicle will depend on how the doors open and the weight of the door.

Will my chauffeur use a mobile phone whilst they are driving

No, this is against the law in the UK.

Will my chauffeur talk to the passengers?

No, other than to greet the client. We believe that the chauffeur should speak when he is spoken to. If the client wants to have a conversation with the chauffeur, the chauffeur will happily engage in dialogue.

Will my chauffeur respect my privacy and confidentially?

Yes, absolutely. The chauffeur has a non-disclosure agreement with Smart City Prestige. What the chauffeur sees and or hears once he/she is with you will never leave the car. Confidentiality is absolutely key to us.

Will the chauffeur drive gently and considerately?

Yes, when we train our chauffeurs one of our core focuses is comfort. You can never be comfortable in a vehicle that is being thrashed around on the streets of London.

Will the chauffeur drive in excess of speed limits?

No, this is expressly forbidden. The chauffeur will always remain within the required speed limit.