I am travelling with a baby/young child do you provide a baby/booster seat?

Yes, we can provide either for you upon request. We would put the seat in the vehicle for you, however the responsibility is on the client to fit the seat properly and make sure the baby/child is secure. This is a free service.

When do I have to pay for my booking?

At the initial point of booking your vehicle we will take a 25% deposit from you to secure the booking. The remaining balance is taken on the day of the hire.

Do young children/babies count as passengers?


Can we open an account with you?

Yes, however you would need to spend £10,000.00 with us before you are eligible to be able to open an account.

How early do I have to book?

We have taken reservations an hour before the journey is set to begin. We advise that you book a vehicle as soon as you have your travel details.

How can I book?

You will have to either call the office on 0207 792 1191 or email the office enquiries@smartcityprestige.com

Can I be notified when my vehicle arrives?

Yes, we would ask the chauffeur to contact you as soon as he arrives, provided we have been given contact details for the client whether it be mobile or email address.