Can I put a car seat in the vehicle?

Yes, however we ask that you inform the office beforehand so that we can provide protection for the seat. If you ask the chauffeur on the day we will not be able to facilitate the car seat.

Can I view the vehicle before I book?

Yes, of course we encourage all of our clients to come to our show room to inspect our cars. We ask that you arrange an appointment so we can make sure that the vehicle is available and there is a member of staff available to show you the vehicle. Our show room is located in […]

What happens if I need to change the timing of my booking the night before?

Please ring the mobile number on our website as that is our out of hour’s number. The number is 07931 538 319

Can we smoke in the car?

No, all of our vehicles are strictly non-smoking vehicles.

Can we eat in the car?

Eating in the vehicle is expressly forbidden. Any spillage in the vehicle the client will be charged for a full valet.

What happens if the vehicle I have booked for my wedding is in an accident and is no longer available for my special day?

There are various solutions to this problem. A) We would try our hardest to find you another like for like vehicle. B) Upgrade the client in to another vehicle we have available for the same price. C) Terminate the hire and give the client a full refund. D) If we cannot offer the client a […]

What happens if I need to add another location on to my journey on the day?

You will be charged accordingly on the day, the excess mileage will be charged at £3.00 per mile.

Can I change my vehicle once I have already booked?

You can, however we would not advise it as it will result in you losing your deposit for the original car you have booked.

Do you provide champagne?

No, unfortunately we do not. We do not have an alcoholic license so we are not allowed to supply our clients with alcohol. We do not stop you from providing your own bottle however we must inform you that drinking anything other than water is not advised as any spillages will result in a full […]

What happens if my wedding over runs?

At the point of your enquiry you will be sent a quote. The quote will outline the price of the service along with any over time charges. Also once you have paid a deposit and we have confirmed your reservation you will receive a receipt for your deposit again highlighting the price of the service, […]