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Our Chauffeurs

Fahad Husain (Business Development Manager)

Vehicles: S-Class & V-Class Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce Phantom

Fahad is the Business Development Manager for Smart City Prestige. He does however happen to also have a PCO license, so whenever a client contacts SCP requesting a vehicle as soon as possible Fahad (if he is not too busy) will jump into one of the cars and do the job. Fahad is also very knowledgeable about cars, the economy and the best restaurants in London.

Gemel Pacquette

Vehicles: S-Class & V-Class Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce Phantom

It is very rare to meet a driver who dresses impeccably to the point where he even wears driving gloves when he’s working. Gemel is always smiling and easy-going, but pays very serious attention to detail and is very customer service focused. If you require a driver who knows the history of London, knows the best clubs and hangouts of London, Gemel is the chauffeur for you.

Ashraf Usmani

Vehicles: V-Class Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce Phantom

Ashraf used to be a dispatcher for one of London’s big chauffeur companies, but got fed up with sitting in the office and decided to work as a chauffeur instead – he has never looked back. Ashraf is a very experienced chauffeur, is very patient as well as empathic and has impeccable customer service abilities.

Raza Sadaif

Vehicles: V-Class Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce Phantom

Raza is one of SCP’s very experienced chauffeurs. Raza has driven some very important clients from all over the world and has awed them with his professionalism, his easy-going nature as well as his knowledge of London. Raza is also very well-read and is very experienced with driving clients for major events and road-shows.

Amine Sajid

Vehicle: V-Class Mercedes Benz

Amine has worked as a chauffeur for many years and his experience as a chauffeur is unrivalled. Amine knows the best places to go for entertainment within London, is very well travelled as well and is what we at SCP call an “all-round Gentleman”.

Abdel-Sajjid---V-ClassAbdel Sajid

Vehicle: V-Class Mercedes Benz

Abdel is a professional chauffeur with a very good sense of humour. Very professional and always ready to go the extra mile for any client he is working with. Abdel has been in the chauffeur industry for quite a long time and is very well-versed on the roads in and outside of London. He is also very well-travelled, so if you need a recommendation for where to go or even where NOT to go, ask Abdel.

Mehul-Dhanak---V-ClassMehul Dhanak

Vehicle: V-Class Mercedes Benz

Mehul is always willing to go the extra mile for any client he is with. He is professional, amiable and very enthusiastic about his job as a chauffeur for SCP.

He is also very experienced as a chauffeur and only gets the best reviews about what an amazing chauffeur he is from our clients.

Mahfoud-Abdiche---V-ClassMahfoud Abdiche

Vehicle: V-Class Mercedes Benz

Mahfoud is professional, courteous, polite and very well spoken. He has worked in the chauffeuring industry for quite a number of years and in all that time, has not had a bad work spoken against him as a chauffeur. Mahfoud is very experienced and knows his way around London very well.

Ayhan-Ozbay---V-ClassAyhan Ozbay

Vehicle: V-Class Mercedes Benz

Ayhan is dedicated to his job as a chauffeur. He is always looking to go above and beyond the call of his profession for clients and is always happy to know that his passengers are satisfied with the service he has provided. Ayhan has worked in as a chauffeur for quite a number of years, so is very experienced as a chauffeur and pays very close attention to detail to ensure that the service SCP provides is tailored to the clients’ needs.

Ifzal-Sabir---S-ClassIfzal Sabir

Vehicle: S-Class Mercedes Benz

Ifzal is not only a snappy dresser, but a very experienced, polite and courteous professional chauffeur. He has driven some very important clients who only request him from the moment he drives them once. We here at SCP have tried to clone him so we can have multiple Ifzal’s but alas, we don’t yet have the technology to do so just yet.

Abdul-Habibi---S-ClassAbdul Habibi

Vehicle: S-Class Mercedes Benz

Abdul is a professional chauffeur who is always smiling, is amiable and very down-to-earth. He always sets a very high standard with his work and by the time he drops off his clients, they are also smiling because of how easy-going he is. Abdul always pays very close attention to detail no matter what he is doing and is always happy to assist his passengers in any way he can to ensure their satisfaction with his service.

Rafik-Abdiche---S-ClassRafik Abdiche

Vehicle: S-Class Mercedes Benz

Rafik has worked as a chauffeur for quite a number of years and is highly professional, articulate and very approachable with an amazing sense of humour and brings his numerous years of experience to the table every time he drives a client.

Akeem-Olukolu---SUVAkeem Olukolu

Vehicle: SUV (Audi Q8)

Akeem is a very professional, well organised and very meticulous chauffeur. He is fairly new to the SCP team, but has proved himself to be an excellent team-player, very easy going and approachable as well as always willing to go the extra mile to ensure his passengers are happy.

Mohamoud-Dirie---Range-Rover-_-RR-GhostMohamoud Dirie

Vehicles: Rolls Royce Ghost / Range Rover Autobiography LWB

Mohamoud is one of SPC’s highly experienced chauffeurs. He always meets his passengers with a smile and is always willing to help ensure his passengers are happy with the service SCP provides. Mohamoud is also very well versed in the best clubs or bars to go to in London as well as the best restaurants. If you need or require a recommendation, Mohamoud is always happy to help.

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