Bentley Mulsanne CHAUFFEUR HIRE

Bentley Mulsanne

From $
  • Seats 4 adults
  • 2 large suitcases
  • Onboard WiFi
  • Hybrid available
From $
  • First class chauffeurt
  • Free 60 mins airport parking
  • 15 mins for all other journeys
  • Includes meet & greet
  • Free cancellation within 24 hours
  • Available in blue only.
From $
  • Minimum 4 Hours£520.00
  • Full Day (8 Hours)£1000.00
  • Outside of London (Full Day)£1200.00
  • Additional Hours£135.00
  • As Directed Outside of London Hourly Rate£150.00

Prices subject to VAT

Bentley Mulsanne SPECIFICATION

The striking exterior of the Bentley Mulsanne is world-renowned and famous. An eye-catching grille graces the front of this vehicle and sharp steel vanes make for an ap-pearance that is very close to the ground and connected to the road. The prominent Bentley hood badge sits on the front of the car symbolising class and quality.

All new safety features offer the comfort of mind for any customers wishing to relax and not worry about the road ahead of them.

The Mulsanne is known around the market as one of if not the most comfortable chauffeur car to be driven around London in and most definitely fulfils that saying.


Bentley Mulsanne

The Mulsanne will make you feel as at home as possible and that is the service you will be receiving with this choice.
At Smart City Prestige we clean the cars after each journey so the customer does not get into a car anything below a perfect standard. We look to make the smell as neutral as possible, as not to intrude upon the customers’ personal comfort.

Known for its smooth motor the Mulsanne is one of the quietest chauffeur rides we offer. Making you feel like you’re gliding along the road is not a common feature for cars of this calibre to have, making the Mulsanne the perfect choice for longer jour-neys.

At the £120 per hour price point the Bentley Mulsanne is an extremely well-priced op-tion for those not wishing to spend more. The Bentley is one of if not the most eco-nomical price points we offer here at Smart City Prestige. The Mulsanne is a step down from our Rolls Royce Phantom 8 but a class above our luxurious Mercedes S Class to hire.

Our built-in Wi-Fi feature in the Mulsanne allows for customers to browse whatever they choose. Our Mulsanne comes with complimentary water and mints for anyone feeling odd after a flight or event and to provide more premium service.