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27 Sep 2016

Since it was first introduced to our exclusive collection of chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce hire cars, few luxury vehicles have made quite the same impression on our corporate clients as the irreproachable Rolls-Royce Ghost.

Available in a choice of three colours (each painstakingly chosen by our team), this truly remarkable model stands as the very epitome of world-class luxury and unparalleled style, making it the quintessential corporate hire car for just about every occasion.

So there’s little doubt in your mind that when it comes to selecting the perfect chauffeur driven vehicle for your next engagement, the Ghost is the one you’ll go for. The only question remaining then, is which one will you choose?

Below, Smart City Prestige take a look at each of our three Rolls-Royce Ghost hire cars, and discuss which model makes the ideal fit for any number of special occasions.

Suave, Subtle, and Sophisticated: The Grey Rolls-Royce Ghost Chauffeur Car

Offering the same impeccable performance and exceptional design standards as our larger Phantom Series II, the grey Rolls-Royce Ghost is second only to that prestigious model when it comes to popularity among our executive clients.

There’s a good reason for that too.

The subtle, understated grey finish belies a truly magnificent design, making it a car that exudes confidence without ever showing off. It’s exactly the sort of luxury chauffeur driven car high powered executives opt for when they wish to announce that they mean serious business, whilst still retaining a certain sense of style that only Rolls-Royce can really provide.

For business meetings of major significance, contract negotiations and other critical engagements then, this is unquestionably the ideal corporate hire car.

Dashing, Daring, and Debonair: The White Rolls-Royce Ghost Chauffeur Car

Equally as exquisitely refined and peerlessly manufactured as its grey counterpart, the white Rolls-Royce Ghost drops the serious game face in favour of a dashing smile and unbridled charm.

To that end, this particular model proves the consummate corporate hire car for corporate functions, exclusive  fundraisers, and other black-tie events.

Think Daniel Craig in James Bond or Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind; that’s the kind of impression you’ll be creating in the white Rolls-Royce Ghost, a car that simply oozes charisma, class, and allure.

Extravagant, Elegant, and Exciting: The Gold Rolls-Royce Ghost Chauffeur Car

If standing out from the crowd and making a memorable first impression is your primary goal when hiring a chauffeur driven corporate car, you’ll no doubt have your eye on the rather magnificent Rolls-Royce Ghost in glamorous gold.

Even parked up next to its white and grey equals, nothing quite matches the gold version of this classic model when it comes to unabashed extravagance. Choose this model, and you’re choosing to make a statement about your success, whether that’s to celebrate a recent corporate victory or simply as a reflection of your company’s status as unrivaled leaders in your industry.

For launch parties, private events, and other red-carpet affairs, the gold Rolls Royce Ghost is the only luxury chauffeur driven car you’ll need to match the glamour and style of the elite VIPS in attendance.

Whether you opt for glamorous gold, sophisticated grey, or dashing white, book your chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce Ghost online today.

Still not sure which model is right for your next engagement? Call Smart City Prestige now on 020 7792 1191. Our team are always on-call to discuss your requirements and recommend the perfect luxury car for any special occasion.

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