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4 May 2016

Brand new for 2016, the luxurious Mercedes Maybach S600 2016 model is in a class all of its own. Described by CNET Road Show as “The apex of Mercedes-Benz opulence and technology” and by BBC Top Gear as an “effortlessly quick” luxury sedan which “redefines limousines,” the Maybach has already proven to be one the our most in-demand chauffeur driven corporate hire cars at our London base.

Not that we’re surprised. After all, with its excellent precision, smoother-than-smooth handling, and world class engineering under the hood, the new Mercedes Maybach really does offer the very best in business car hire. Here’s just five reasons why.

Sophisticated exterior ensures you’ll look right at home in any environment

Take a look at the pictures of Mercedes new 2016 Maybach model. Don’t you agree it looks like nothing else currently on the road right now? The sleek, sloping curves and elegant trimmings add an air of sophistication and style to the S600, combined with something of an underlying subtlety ensures you’ll be turning heads for all the right reasons, arriving in a manner which ensures you both look the part and make a memorable first impression.

Spacious, lavishly comfortable interiors help you to relax en route to your next engagement

When you’re frequently on the road, heading from one business meeting to the next, a high level of comfort is essential from your chauffeur driven corporate hire car. The Mercedes Maybach delivers that better than most.

The rear of this eighteen foot limousine boasts an incredible amount of open space for you to truly spread out and unwind, whilst the luxurious, leather reclining seats, tray-table and high definition television screen combine with extravagant interior design to make this feel more like the first class cabin of an international flight than a London chauffeur car.

Modern technology and features so you can work on the go

If you’re the kind of executive who prefers to keep working on the road rather than sitting back and taking it easy, the new Maybach S600 hire car offers everything you need to do that, too. The smooth tray table can be moved around to accommodate a laptop or notebook, the in-car entertainment system comes with headphones to block out background noise, and you’ll have all you need to prepare for that big upcoming presentation or fire off a few critical emails en route to your next appointment.

The quietest car on the road for those well-deserved moments of down-time

While you’re doing all that, your personal chauffeur will be escorting you along the roads with barely a peep from the Mercedes’ high performance V12 engine. The car has been described as “the quietest in the world,” which is one of the main reasons we recommend it so highly to London businesses for their corporate car hire needs. The near-silent handling is perfect for relaxing, taking a nap on long journeys (throw pillows and even a blanket are included), or getting down to some serious work.

The only chauffeur driven car of its type in London

Remember we said that the chauffeur driven Mercedes Maybach was designed to both blend in and stand out at the same time? The fact that it’s the only one of its type currently for hire in London does much to guarantee your business will make a strong first impression by arriving at your next roadshow appointment or function in the ultimate corporate hire car.

To book your brand new chauffeur driven Mercedes Maybach S600, call us today on 020 7792 1191, or use our online booking form today.

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Five Reasons the Mercedes Maybach S600 Makes The Ultimate Corporate Hire Car
Five Reasons the Mercedes Maybach S600 Makes The Ultimate Corporate Hire Car
The new Mercedes Maybach really does offer the very best in business car hire. Here’s just five reasons why.
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