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16 Aug 2016

In today’s permanently switched-on society, your business is one that never truly sleeps. In order to meet the increasing demands of high powered clients and important investors, your business travel is becoming all the more frequent, and usually takes place at hours that fall way out of the typical 9-5.

You’ve had some success with long-term business car hire services in the past, but even the very best can’t provide the kind of first class, round-the-clock service you really need.

Sounds familiar? It may be time for your company to consider having a 24/7 chauffeur service on standby. Below, the team at Smart City Prestige, the largest luxury corporate travel service in London, list just five reasons why this might be the best move your business makes all year.

Priority Status Guaranteed

Picture the scenario: You’ve just received an invitation to one of the most prestigious events of the year, a perfect opportunity to meet with potential investors and indulge in some all-important networking. Naturally, you need to go all out to make a memorable first impression, so you call your usual short term business car hire service, only to find that they’re fully booked.

Disaster? It could well be, but not for those who have an ongoing agreement with a 24/7 chauffeur driven car hire company. For those executives, they know that their business travel arrangements guarantee priority status, meaning they’ll always have a car available.

A Corporate Travel Service Prepared for the Unexpected

Here’s another scenario for you: It’s late at night, and suddenly the call comes in that an important VIP you weren’t expecting for a few days has taken an early flight and is now waiting on your company to collect them from their airport.

For a 24/7 corporate chauffeur hire company, that’s not a problem. Available any time of the day or night, with a large selection of the world’s most prestigious luxury vehicles, you’re guaranteed to be well covered for all eventualities, even at short notice.

A Chauffeur Service Who Really Understands Your Needs

By far one of the most beneficial aspects of working with a single London chauffeur service is that your provider really gets to know you, your business, and your corporate travel preferences.

The advantages of this are two-fold. First, it means that your chauffeur hire company can create a more personalised, tailor-made package for your top executives. Second, eliminates the time and hassle needed to explain every detail of your travel requirements each time you pick up the phone.

Your Choice of Luxury Chauffeur Driven Business Car

At Smart City Prestige, we offer not only the largest selection of chauffeur driven Rolls-Royce hire cars in the UK, but also an exclusive collection of other world class luxury vehicles, including the elegantly sophisticated Bentley Flying Spur, and the sleek-yet-powerful Mercedes S-Class.

When you work with us as your round-the-clock business car hire provider, you’ll have the opportunity to choose from all of these renowned models, and more besides. We’ll even make note of your preferences and ensure those models are always ready to go when you need them.

Five Star Quality that Perfectly Reflects Your Company

Of course, convenient, 24/7 booking is all well and good, but it doesn’t mean much to your business if the quality of service -and the vehicles themselves- aren’t of the very highest standards.

After all, your chauffeur driven car is often the first thing people will see of you when you arrive at a big event or function. So it’s imperative that you make your first impression memorable for all the right reasons.

That’s why you need a company whose standards are just as high as yours, and who you can rely on to deliver five star quality and first class quality without fail.

At Smart City Prestige, we pride ourselves on going the extra mile to deliver only the very finest quality luxury carsand world class chauffeuring services to our business clients. To find out more about partnering with us as your 24/7 on-call corporate travel provider, call us now on 020 7792 1191.

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