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24 Nov 2016

The very fact alone that you’re looking to pick the perfect luxury car for your upcoming corporate roadshow is a sure, telltale sign of your success. It signifies that you and your organisation have reached a level that most of your early competitors could only dream of. By hitting the road to meet potential investors, it also shows that your upwards trajectory shows no signs of slowing down.

So, naturally, the type of luxury chauffeur service you ultimately decide upon must really reflect not only that same level of success, but the very attitude that enabled you and your company to reach that level in the first place.

It must be bold, confident and assured, whilst at the same time bearing all the hallmarks of the type of first class luxury car that only an elite executive like yourself could afford; hallmarks, for example, like prestige, quality, and a certain sense of well-refined style.

Yet as the old saying goes, looks aren’t necessarily everything. Yes, it’s important to pick chauffeur car hire that helps you to make the right first impression with all the right people, but if you’re going to on the road for any length of time, then there’s certainly other things to consider.

Below, the team behind our London chauffeur service discuss several of those considerations in detail, helping you to really pick the perfect luxury car hire service the next time you take your company out on the road.

Exceptional Levels of Comfort

Comfort is of course of a big deciding factor in picking the right chauffeur car hire service for any occasion, but when it comes to corporate roadshows, it’s often the first -and most important detail- that many of our business clients look for.

Withe the long-term growth of your company on the line, you naturally want to feel poised, calm, and confident going into that big presentation or sales meeting. It perhaps goes without saying then, that in order to achieve this near zen-like state of readiness for your career-defining pitch, you’ll want to experience nothing less than the very pinnacle of comfort and relaxation en route to the venue.

You’ll want soft, ergonomically designed seating, adorned in the finest quality luxury leather, generous space to help you really relax, and elegantly designed interiors which create the ideal environment for your journey.

To that end, Smart City Prestige are likely to recommend a chauffeur driven Mercedes Maybach, or a first class Rolls Royce Ghost, though let’s take a look at a few other things you may want to consider before you book your chauffeur car hire.

A First Class Luxury Chauffeur Service

Having a personal chauffeur on hand as part of your corporate hire car service is about more than looking the part when you arrive. Mostly, it’s about eliminating distractions, and helping you to focus only on the task at hand.

With a professional chauffeur, you don’t need to worry about the traffic, about which route to take, or about arriving on time. You’re free to sit back, enjoy the ride, and get ready for that big presentation, safe in the knowledge that your dedicated driver will get you where you need to be, on time and in style.

The Right Environment to Work on the Move

Up to now, we’ve mostly focused on creating the ideal environment to ensure you feel completely relaxed whilst travelling as part of your corporate road show. Let’s face it though, you didn’t reach the level of success you enjoy today by sitting back and taking it easy.

Those of you eager to keep things moving whilst on the road may need a little more than just exceptional style and service. You may need table space to place your Macbook, a place to plug it in, and of course, privacy and discretion from your chauffeur whilst you make those all important phone calls.

Again, our chauffeur driven Mercedes Maybach or any of our top Rolls-Royce models fit the bill perfectly, though they’re not the only luxury cars to do so. Explore our entire fleet online today, or to discuss your chauffeur service requirements for an upcoming corporate road show, call Smart City Prestige now on 020 7792 1191.

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