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25 Feb 2016

Could the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ love affair Porsche has always been proud to showcase have come to an abrupt halt? Usually a sublime exterior powered by a voracious motor has been more than enough to keep customer loyalty strong. However, in a recent interview with Australia’s Motoring, Porsche CEO Matthias Mueller told readers “mistakes were made” in the first-generation Panamera. When a Porsche chief executive admits the interior and exterior design of the company’s four-seater could be better, alarm bells start ringing.

Despite poor faith from the CEO, Porsche have announced that the limited edition of the four-door executive GT will be exclusive to just 100 examples, and is in fact based on the Turbo S Executive model. Reserving our judgement until closer inspection (it does seem pretty ugly), if you are one of those more faithful than Mr Mueller, it will be unveiled in November at the LA Auto Show, and will be the first model to feature the new rear-seat entertainment system by Porsche.

Thanks to its 570hp engine, The Panamera is already a fairly fierce car, and being the first Porsche to feature the two-colour graduated exterior paintwork only adds to its power. The paintwork blends from metallic black to chestnut brown and must be applied by hand to ensure that the effect is achieved.

Inside the car, the seats and door panels are trimmed in Poltrona Frau Leather – hand-picked, of course. The same colour palette of chestnut brown blends to black milled nappa leather dressing the cabin, complete with contrast stitching. The same futuristic effect is replicated on the dashboard and console panels, blending walnut burl with piano black veneers.

Despite the model being restricted to just 100 examples, luckily enough to Porsche fans, the car’s new rear seat package will soon become an available feature on all new Panameras. Consisting of two HD 10.1-inch touch screens, integrated cameras and DVD players, you will be able to video call and watch films whilst being linked to the cars Burmester surround sound system.

By choosing the luxury model, you’re granted the choice of an optional bespoke five-piece luggage set made from only the finest quality leathers, and of course, that isn’t all! Finally, the limited edition car is completed with an interior tag displaying its example number and a handmade exterior badge stating that the car is a creation of the Porsche Exclusive Factory.

The car, which will only be offered as a left-hand-drive model, is available to order now at prices starting from €249,877.

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