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14 Nov 2016

Mercedes Benz: It’s a name synonymous with style, sophistication, and luxury. A name that conjures forth images of world class engineering, exemplary design standards, and five star comfort. A name, in other words, that says everything you could possibly want to say about the success of your business.

So, it’s little wonder that you’ve decided to opt for a first class Mercedes chauffeur service for your journey to that all-important business event. The only question that remains now, is which model do you choose?

Do you opt for a Mercedes Viano chauffeur in London to escort you and your party to that prestigious black tie dinner? For settling back in the spacious interior of a high class Mercedes Maybach s Class? How about choosing to travel in a chauffeur driven Mercedes Maybach s600, a model renowned for its unmistakable presence and sense of confidence?

Here, Smart City Prestige take a look at each top model in turn, helping you to make an informed choice about which Mercedes chauffeur service you’ll hire for your upcoming business engagement.

Mercedes V Class Chauffeur in London: The Top Choice for Group Travel

Choose if: You’re travelling with a party of up to seven executives.

One of the most in-demand luxury SUVs on the market, the Mercedes V Class boasts ample room for up to seven passengers, making it our most popular model for executive groups.

If you’re planning to escape the office as part of a corporate away day, or if you simply need your best team around you as you travel to deliver that big keynote speech, the V Class Mercedes chauffeur service is the way forward.

Mercedes S Class Chauffeur Hire

Choose if: You’re looking forward to sitting back and relaxing in style.

A truly remarkable model in every way, our Mercedes s350 set new standards for luxury saloon cars when it first hit the market, and continues to impress on each and every journey.

Renowned for its incredible interior design, lavish comfort, and generous amount of rear space, we recommend opting for Mercedes S Class chauffeur hire for longer journeys where rest, relaxation, and comfort are of paramount importance.

Chauffeur Driven Mercedes Maybach S600

Choose if: You’re planning to make a strong first impression 

The pinnacle of Mercedes’ unbridled elegance and sense of being unashamedly self-assured, the Maybach s600 is perfect for making a big, bold first impression at a top conference, investor meeting, or other prestigious business event.

Just pulling up in this sublime, 18ft limousine says as much about your company’s position at the peak of your industry, as it does about your own boundless confidence and sophisticated style as a top executive.

Which ever model you choose, book your chauffeur driven Mercedes Benz with Smart City Prestige. For the quickest way to secure your choice of top luxury car, book directly via our website. Alternatively, call to speak to a member of our team now on 020 7792 1191.

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