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Mercedes V Class


24 Oct 2016

At Smart City Prestige, our Mercedes Viano chauffeur service has proven popular for both private and corporate hire. For individuals, the Viano’s seven luxurious leather seats make it the ideal Mercedes chauffeur hire choice for group events; a visit to the theatre for example of a celebratory dinner at a top London restaurant.

Meanwhile, our business clients frequently opt for the V-Class to help provide a  first-class VIP experience for those important clients and investors.

Mercedes Chauffeur Services – Corporate Transport in a Class of its Own

Yet over the past year, we’ve discovered that if there’s one occasion among our business clients when the Mercedes Viano chauffeur service is more popular than any other, it’s as the luxury transport of choice for corporate away days, team-building events, and company retreats.

Not that we’re all that surprised by this. By taking all the space, power, and performance of a top SUV and adding that unique elegance that is the hallmark of the Mercedes Benz style, the V-Class people carrier really does stand in a class all of its own.

Thinking of hiring this luxury SUV the next time you and your team need to escape the office to bond, brainstorm, and come up with your next winning idea? Here’s just a few reasons why the Viano makes the ideal Mercedes chauffeur hire choice for corporate away days.

Generous Storage Space

Particularly adept for those team-building breaks which require an overnight stay -and thus luggage- Mercedes have been more than liberal when it comes to the Viano’s storage space. The rear boot compartment comes with an in-built shelf for maximum storage potential, making this luxury model as practical as it is stylish.

Your Own Dedicated Driver

Heading out onto the open road can prove a wonderful opportunity for teams to really get to know each other outside the confines of the office, creating the kind of synergy and long-lasting friendships which ultimately lead to more productive and fruitful working.

Yet if you’re the designated driver for the occasion, you’re likely to find that all your concentration is consumed by the road ahead. As such, you miss out on the first chance you’ll have to seize that rarest of experiences; spending quality time with your co-workers

With a Mercedes chauffeur service, you receive your own dedicated personal driver, there to escort you to your destination safely and smoothly. This frees up your time and energy so that you can focus on making the most of your break from the boardroom.

A Mercedes Chauffeur Hire Service Tailored to Suit You

As with all of our corporate chauffeur hire services, booking the Mercedes Viano SUV for your next away-day means you’ll have access to a fully bespoke service tailored to meet the needs of you and your team.

Planning to follow-up a weekend of team-building exercises with a celebratory meal at a top restaurant? Looking to spread out your hire time over multiple days for those corporate weekend retreats? Simply let us know your itinerary when you book, and our world class professional chauffeurs will be there to do the rest.

Looking to hire the Mercedes V-Class for your next corporate away-day? Booking this luxurious SUV is as easy as completing our quick online form. Alternatively, to discuss your chauffeur requirements, call Smart City Prestige now on 020 7792 1191.

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