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17 Jun 2016

Being a top chauffeur in London boasts its own unique challenges and opportunities which -when handled properly- really do make those in England’s capital among the very best when it comes to ensuring corporate and VIP clients get to where they’re going on time, in style, and with a level of service that is second to none.

Thinking of taking up the challenge of delivering that first class service to clients in a prestigious luxury hire car? Merely curious as to the commitment your personal driver makes when you hire a corporate transport service from Smart City Prestige? We asked our chauffeurs to reveal their secrets about what it takes to make it as one of London’s best.

First impressions count

When we talk about first impressions, we’re not just talking about keeping the client’s luxury hire car in immaculate condition, your appearance as a VIP chauffeur is the first thing those clients will notice, and likely the last thing they’ll remember.

So it’s vital that the way you dress and present yourself is every bit as impeccable as the car itself.

Suits (and we don’t recommend wearing anything other than a suit) should be crisp, clean and neatly ironed, and should remain that way from the first moment you collect your client til the very moment you arrive back at your London chauffeur company headquarters.

Remember, even once you’ve delivered the client back to their final destination, you’re representing your company every moment that you’re behind the wheel. The way you look says everything about your company’s service, so it pays to be well presented whenever you’re on the road.

Carry yourself appropriately

A pristine suit can only do so much in helping you create the right first impression. If you’re wearing that suit whilst slouched over, frowning, and acting either too timid or too overbearing, it hardly sets the right tone.

Instead, remember to stand tall and carry yourself calmly, confidently, and above all else, professionally.

Take care of your personal hygiene

London’s best chauffeurs go above and beyond to guarantee they present themselves at their absolute best whenever they’re with clients. This means being well groomed, fresh smelling, and clean at all times.

Many carry a small personal hygiene kit with them which includes items such as breath mints (remember not to be chewing on one whilst talking to passengers) and pocket-sized deodorants.

Know your routes (and the alternatives) well in advance

By driving VIP passengers all across the capital, top chauffeurs develop an unrivalled knowledge of London’s sometimes complicated, often congested road networks. Yet that doesn’t mean relying purely on memory -or worse, a Sat Nav- to ensure their clients enjoy a smooth, relaxing and -above all- punctual journey.

Here at Smart City Prestige, our dedicated corporate chauffeurs spend time planning the best possible route from A-B before they even step foot in one of our premier luxury hire cars. What’s more, they’ll also have a few alternative routes in mind should heavy traffic or other unexpected incidents threaten to delay a journey.

Whilst waiting for a client, check and double check the car

Having delivered your passengers to their first port-of-call, you may find yourself with some down time whilst you wait for them to return, ready to go on to their next destination.

Whilst this may seem like the perfect opportunity to take a break, ensuring you’re well rested and alert whilst on the road, remember to take some time going over the luxury hire car you’re driving, making sure it’s in exactly the same perfect condition as when you first arrived to collect your client.

Remember the golden rule

What all of these tips ultimately boil down to is a need to remember the one golden rule of being a top London chauffeur: Provide first class service to your clients that goes far beyond their expectations and guarantees that not only do they arrive in style, but they do so having enjoyed a safe, smooth, and punctual journey, all delivered by a polite, professional, and fully committed personal chauffeur.

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