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23 Dec 2016

When we first relaunched our website earlier in 2016, we told you about the Smart City Prestige Promise, our commitment to ensuring that your company always has access to first class luxury chauffeur services in London whenever you need them.

As 2016 comes to a close and a new year looms large on the horizon, we felt now a perfect time to renew that promise.

Below, the Smart City Prestige team explain just how we’ll continue to deliver exceptional value, unrivalled service, and London’s largest selection of world class chauffeur-driven luxury cars throughout 2017 and beyond.

The Smart City Prestige Promise: Our Guarantee to You

Whether you hire our luxury chauffeur services on a regular basis for all your executive travel needs, on a one-off basis to help ensure you make a memorable first impression, or somewhere in between, every single journey you make with us comes with our Smart City Prestige Promise.

This is our guarantee to you that, from the moment you book your choice of chauffeur-driven luxury car to the moment your professional driver leaves at the end of your time together, we’ll go that extra mile to ensure your company enjoys the kind of quality, variety, and dedicated service that no other London chauffeur service can match.

Over the course of 2016, we’ve tweaked and fine-tuned this promise according to your valued feedback, and in 2017, we promise that we’ll continue to strive for perfection by ensuring your executives have access to all of the following:

On-Demand Access to the Luxury Cars You Love, Whenever You Need them

From our prestigious Rolls-Royce Phantom Series II to the unbridled elegance and sophistication of the Bentley Flying Spur, we’ve found that many of the London executives we work with have your own preferences when it comes to the kind of first class luxury cars you want to travel in.

So when you come to book your car of choice for those upcoming corporate events, road shows, or VIP experiences, the last thing you want to hear from us is that said car is unavailable.

As such, we promise that in 2017, we’ll do more to ensure that your favourite luxury cars are always available for hire whenever you want them.

A Larger Variety Than Any Other London Chauffeur Service

Of course, there’s nothing to say that you have to choose just one favourite luxury model and stick with it for every occasion.

Perhaps you prefer the dashing, debonair Rolls-Royce Ghost for those most formal of engagements, and the sleek, stylish, and sexy Mercedes Maybach s600 for those occasions when you’re providing corporate hospitality to your top VIPS. Whatever it may be, we understand that what your really value about our service is the freedom to choose from the largest exclusive fleet of chauffeur-driven executive hire cars anywhere in London.

In 2017, we’ll continue to make improvements and additions to our range, ensuring that you always have the option to choose exactly the right car for the occasion.

A Professional Chauffeur Service Which Arrives on Time, Every Time

Whilst having the right car for the right occasion may be important, as an in-demand executive, nothing is more precious to you than your time. You can ill-afford to be left waiting around for a London chauffeur company who can’t guarantee 100% punctuality and reliability.

The good news, is that Smart City Prestige can.

Our professional chauffeurs boast an expert working knowledge of London’s often complicated road network, meaning they know the best way to get you from A to B quickly and safely, without compromising the level of luxury, class and style you’ve come to rely on us for.

Whatever your executive travel needs in 2017, Smart City Prestige are here to help. Book your choice of chauffeur-driven luxury car online today, or call our team now on 020 7792 1191.

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