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12 Apr 2016

So, one of the most important business engagements of your career is fast approaching, and you’re still on the fence about whether to hire the services of a top London chauffeur company or to simply hop behind the wheel and go it alone.

Sure, you like the idea of journeying in style to your appointment in a first class Rolls Royce, Bentley, or Mercedes Benz driven by your own personal chauffeur, but wouldn’t the impact on your travel budget be big enough to justify driving your own car there instead?

Not necessarily. All of the above chauffeur driven luxury cars are available for business engagements in London at the most competitive rates in the capital, meaning you can still travel in style without raising the ire of your accountant. Yet cost is only one of the tangible benefits of leaving the car behind and making your way there in a world class car.

Can’t make your mind up whether to reach for the booking form or not? Here’s just five key reasons to hire a chauffeur for your next business engagement.

Look the part

There’s a wealth of truth in the old adage that first impressions count, and what better way to create a strong, memorable first impression than turning up to your engagement in one of the only Rolls Royce Phantom Series II models currently on London’s roads? Not only that, but when your chauffeur leaves the driver’s cab and makes his way to open the door for you, you’ll be saying more about your success (or that of your company) than any keynote presentation or a idle chatter over cocktails ever could.

Take care of those final preparations

Let’s backtrack a little first shall we, and think about the journey to your engagement. We’re all guilty of going on autopilot when driving once in awhile, but let’s face it, with the complicated, and often congested nature of the London road network, doing so is rarely an option.

It takes all your concentration and a certain level of vigilance and plenty of concentration to navigate the roads safely and swiftly, concentration you could be better employing on going through last minute preparations for your presentation, looking at the notes you’ve made on those you want to impress at a big corporate function, or simply catching up on those emails and phone calls.

With your own hired chauffeur taking care of the driving for you, you’re free to spend the journey focussing on what really matters; making the most of your next business engagement.

Sit back and relax

Of course, making the most of things doesn’t have to mean being handcuffed to a laptop or burying your head in meeting notes, it could simply mean sitting back, relaxing, and letting the weight of the world fall from your shoulders for a while.

Whether you hire a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce, Bentley, Mercedes or other top model, you’ll be able to enjoy exquisite comfort and elegantly stylish interiors, which provide the ideal conditions for a smooth, relaxing journey.

Arrive on time, every time

Back to those complicated, congested roads. If you’ve ever driven around London before, you know how frustrating it can be to make your way from A-B without running into the kind of traffic queues which are almost always guaranteed to make you late for your appointment.

When you hire a professional London chauffeur to do the hard work for you, you’re not only eliminating those frustrations, but gaining the knowledge and expertise of a driver who knows London and its roads arguably better than anyone.

As such, they’re able to plan the best, quickest, and safest, route from your pick up point to your final destination, making sure that you arrive well on time without sacrificing the quality of your journey.

Flexible booking for a chauffeur service that’s always there when you need it

Here at Smart City Prestige, our chauffeur driven executive travel services are available for booking 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and yes, that includes Christmas and Bank Holidays. As such, we’re always here when you need us, accessible either over the phone or through our simple online booking form.

To find out more about about hiring a professional London chauffeur service for your next business engagement, call us today on 020 7792 1191 or contact us online.

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