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About Us

Who We Are

 Smart City Prestige – Chauffeur services tailored to suit you.

Based in Battersea London, Smart City Prestige provides top flight executives and VIPS like you with first class chauffeur services personally tailored to suit your tastes, your schedule and -thanks to the most competitive pricing in London – even your wallet.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, making that journey with us means you’ll be able to take your pick from our exclusive fleet of world class luxury chauffeur cars.

No matter which model you choose, you will enjoy being able to relax in lavish, comfortable interiors, or take advantage of our vehicles’ modern features, all designed to help you conduct your business on the road.

What We Do

On the face of it, it all seems so straight-forward, doesn’t it? You call us and tell us what you need from a chauffeur driven car service, you get what you need when you need it and arrive at your destination more than satisfied that you couldn’t possibly get better quality at such an affordable cost anywhere else in London.

Yet behind the scenes, there’s a whole team of professionals from every area of the chauffeur industry working on making it look so simple. Each one combining their skills and experience to ensure you get nothing less than the outstanding quality of service, safety and satisfaction to you’ve come to expect from Smart City Prestige.

It all starts when you call to discuss your requirements. No matter what the time of day and night, our team of specialists are standing by to answer your questions and help you create a luxury chauffeur car reservation that is tailored to meet your exact needs.


As part of our hiring process, we look for:

  • Experience
  • Expertise
  • An excellent track record of delivering outstanding customer service.

And only choose those chauffeurs who meet all three.

The process doesn’t end there either. Long before they get behind the wheel of your chosen vehicle, our chauffeurs undergo stringent background checks and training to ensure that your every need is met from the very moment we collect you to the moment we drive away, having delivered you safely and promptly to your final destination.

Whether you’re travelling solo or with guests, you and your party will be escorted to your chosen vehicle by your courteous and professional personal chauffeur who will go out of his/her way to ensure that you are comfortable and have everything you need.

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