Smart City Prestige- Secured+ armoured cars and security solutions


Secured+ is a subdivision of Smart City Prestige that primarily focuses on Armoured cars and bulletproof car solutions in the UK and abroad. Secured+ is a global executive protection and transportation unit, providing comprehensive security and secure ground transportation solutions for heads of states, high profile executives and clients travelling abroad in high risk markets.


Secured+ can also be used for secured asset transportation the need for this service has been heightened due to the increase in organised crime, there are many items that can require secure asset transportation such as:

  • Sensitive documents

  • Precious Jewellery (Metals & Stones)

  • Currency

  • Antiques

Secured+ can provide asset protection either in a static location or whilst the goods are in transit throughout the UK or worldwide.

With this being a niche service we understand that these operations are highly sensitive and it is imperative that our operatives are highly skilled and highly trained:

  • Protection of people and assets

  • Counter surveillance

  • Anti surveillance

  • Reaction to attack

Secured+ has an extensive range of bulletproof and armoured cars available for hire in the UK and worldwide. Secured+ provides police and ex military trained drivers to provide chauffeur driven protection to our clients.

The fleet of armoured vehicles consists of the following:

  • BMW 5 Series

  • Audi A8

  • BMW 7 Series

  • BMW X5

  • Range Rover

SECURED+- Armoured Cars UK

Secured+ chauffeurs are some of the best trained security chauffeurs in the world trained to the very best of advanced safety driving there is. Being located centrally in London, we are able to operate all over the UK, Europe and beyond.

Secured+ understands that there are serious threats from terrorist organisations and organised crime syndicates and we use our expertise and knowledge to minimise these threats by providing the finest security operatives and bulletproof vehicles and armoured cars.

SECURED+- Executive Protection Specialists

Each specialist member of Secured+ is put through an extensive background check and must pass through a series of physical and written exams.

Each specialist member of Secured+ has an extensive background in executive protection services, have an extensive background in working with high profile clients, entertainment professionals, heads of states and dignitaries.

Select group of Secured+ operatives minimise risk through strategy, prevention and discretion.

SECURED+- Advance Travel Planning

Secured+ carries out advanced risk assessments and due diligence 36-48 hours in advanced of the clients arrival, based on local government/ travel intelligence and client industries'

  • Route planning and exit strategies

  • Event and Hotel countermeasure sweep

  • Liaison with local law enforcement and medical facilities

  • Debriefing and reporting

  • Managing media/image exposure and strategies

SECURED+- Documentation

Secured+ provides a transbrief documentation which visually confirms all members of your secured+ team, along with visual images of vehicles before your trip commences. Each brief includes pictures of vehicle, chauffeur, trip itinerary, advanced trip routing with alternate routes, safe heavens, hospitals and law enforcement contacts.

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Executive Security Services | Armoured Cars | Bulletproof Cars