One Way Transfers



When you need to get from A to B exquisitely we provide a simple point to point long distance taxi service. Your personal chauffeur will arrive a minimum of 10 minutes earlier than your pre-agreed pick-up time.

All transfers outside of airport transfers have a complimentary free 15 minute waiting time before you incur any additional waiting time costs.

We understand that whilst using ride hailing applications can be convenient, however depending on your time of travel can impact the price you may pay and additional traffic along the way can contribute in the cost varying further for your long distance chauffeur service.

Smart City Prestige offers our long distance chauffeur services in a wide range of chauffeur driven car hire vehicles. We have dedicated vehicles to help those long distance chauffeur journeys more efficient by allowing you to work on the move or watch your favourite shows.

Smart City Prestige has undertaken various long distance chauffeur journeys throughout the UK and Europe.

Smart City Prestige also offers long distance chauffeur services to seaports in the UK, whether this be Dover or Southampton all the way to Great Yarmouth. Utilize our fixed tariff scheme to unlock your chauffeur driven vehicle to your chosen port.

We pre-plan all of our long distance chauffeur trips, checking necessary routes, toll charges, whether there will be any impacts on journey times due to factors out of our control. Our aim is to provide you with an effective and productive commute as we understand everything is driven by time.

With onboard Wi-Fi available in a large selection of our vehicles, your vehicle becomes your home away from home.

We utilize our partner scheme to provide long distance chauffeur services all over the UK and worldwide.

Using a chauffeur long distance can have various benefits such as avoiding the long process of an airport, for example travelling to Paris door to door using our long distance chauffeur service could take up to 5.5 hours where as using a commercial airport could take just as long, when you take into consideration arriving at the airport early, travelling through customs and so on. If there are any flight delays will also add to your travel time.

From a cost perspective depending on the class of vehicle you have selected to undertake your long distance chauffeur service, it can work out more cost effective to travel by car once you take into consideration your airport transfer, price of the ticket and the downtime spent in the airport where your time is not being productive.

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Utilizing our long distance chauffeur service there is no need for long airport queues, you get into one of luxury chauffeur driven cars and let our hospitality agent/chauffeur transport you to your desired city.

The true benefit of using a long distance chauffeur service? The need to travel at the time is convenient for you, not the set times you can travel by rail or air. Your long distance chauffeur service, tailor made to your requirements and your lifestyle. Whether you are travelling for business or leisure allow Smart City Prestige to be your long distance chauffeur.